To: The Secretary of State for Agriculture UK


We want the Secretary of State to take note of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the 2007 Welfare of Farmed Animals Regulations and to tell us why legislation is being systematically ignored. We consider that factory farming is illegal.


Why is this important?

UK animal protection law demands that intensively-reared animals must be inspected thoroughly at least once a day. Just imagine the daily task of trying to inspect 10 thousand ducks together in one shed. Or 45 thousand broiler chickens. It's impossible! Since the 1990's, numerous examples of investigative filming in factory farms show sick and crippled animals left to suffer and die, unnoticed,in overcrowded and filthy conditions.

Please help the animals and sign our petition!

Clare Druce and Peta Watson-Smith, in partnership with Hillside Animal Sanctuary, have launched the above petition in order to highlight the illegality inherent in all factory-farming.

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