Petition to DEFRA for permission to move Lloyd and Leila

Updated 13/12/2013
16,258 Signatures

Petition Background:

Stepney City Farm can no longer keep the well known and very tame cows known as Lloyd and Leila.

These cows have lived all their lives at this farm and, because they have been treated as pets, they are very friendly.  A lifelong home has been offered for these gentle animals at Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk from where they would never be entered in the food chain but, because they do not have the relevant passports, DEFRA will not let them be moved.

Sadly, unless DEFRA grant an exemption and allow the cows to be moved to Norfolk, they will be destroyed on the farm where they live, and then incinerated.  For more information please click here.


We, the undersigned, call upon DEFRA to spare the lives of the two cows known as Lloyd and Leila by allowing their transit from Stepney City Farm, Stepney Way, London to a new home at Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Hill Top Farm, Frettenham, Norfolk, where they will be well cared for and allowed to live out their natural lives.
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